My pricing is Cheap…

Why so cheap you say? It’s easy to sell inexpensive hosting and websites cheap when you control your expenses. I mean it’s really pretty simple.

When I look out my window… You don’t see no corporate jet, I don’t own a Rolls Royce, or have a Rolex watch, I don’t wear diamond rings, I have scars on my fingertips from working hard on a computer instead… I drive a fourteen year old car and have fun in my life. I love to Work Hard & Play Hard.

Besides I’m the only “C” in the company. I’m the Chief of Everything. The CEO, COO, CFO and Chief Programmer.

How much money does a man need to live on? Life should be about having fun… not picking every nickel and dime out of some other dudes pocket that just wants to have fun too.

That is the principle of this company… offer low priced websites and hosting with exceptional designs.  While ensuring your site is built to maximize your ability to rank highly in Google and other search engines.  Unlock the power of the web now!